Sunday, May 2, 2010

los ultimos dias :(

Today is El Dia de la Madre en Espana! ... aka.. Mother's Day! In the USA Mother's Day is next Sunday (which is exciting because MY mom will be here!) but in Spain it's today. Yesterday when I was walking home from studying in Plaza Cervantes I stopped by a flower shop and bought Primi (my spanish mom haha) a nice little bouquet of flowers (ramo de flores) ... just a couple roses and some other pretty lil flowers. Then this morning I gave them to her and she was just SO excited!
She is a mother of 6 children, but only 3 of them live close by. Her youngest son, Roberto, lives here (he's 27), but he works at a bar and so his schedule is completely opposite than hers. He works all night and then has to sleep all day, so there have been many times where he was supposed to come over for lunch but was still sleeping haha. Then her daughter (Raquel) lives here in Alcala with her family, and they come over for lunch quite often. And 2 weeks ago Primi and I went and met up with Raquel, Raquel's husband, and their son, Sergio (the funniest lil 3 yr old... I tried to teach him how to play frisbee once... failure.), and we all got coffee and churros and then walked around and went to the park (so Sergio could play!). Then she has another son who lives in Madrid (whom she calls her "gordito"... which in direct translation means "little fat boy" hahaha, because he's a bit on the heavier side.. but apparently here that's not an insult or anything hahaa). He and his girlfriend have come over for breakfast or lunch a couple times, but his girlfriend is in a wheelchair, so I think it's just difficult for them to come often.
But today Primi's mom, Raquel and her family, and Roberto are all coming over for lunch. She's been cookin' like crazy all morning! Wooh!
Well, the weather has been absolutely beautiful here... in the 70s almost everyday! I've been running everyday too, it's too pretty to stay inside! There are lots of parks that I run around/through, and one thing I LOVE about Alcala (well.. and most of Spain) is that there are sidewalks everywhere.. which encourages people to walk!! Because.. well.. they can do so without getting run over like in Oklahoma. Also, there's this cool outdoor gym near the river (which is about a 10 minute jog from my house), and so I've been jogging there, working out, and then jogging around a bit and then back to my house. I've also been trying to read and study as much as I can outside so I can soak up this beautiful weather.
One thing I've noticed about Spain is that I can wear skirts... and not be afraid that at any moment the wind will blow my skirt up and the whole world will see my unda-pants. Jajaja, during the Spring in Oklahoma I have to be extra cautious when I wear skirts/dresses while walking to class (or anywhere outside) because of that darn Oklahoma wind! Jaja, I miss Oklahoma, but I don't miss that wind!
This weekend has been really fun, just a nice chill weekend in good ole' Alcala. On Thursday night me, rachel, spencer, brittany, and sarah went to this pretty park and had a little botellon, which is basically where you drink outside (it's a common thing here in Spain.. don't worry). We just had a drink or two, and enjoyed sittin' outside under the stars in the beautiful weather (it was still in the 60s at midnight!). Then we went to Manamana and CanCan (some really fun bars here in Alcala where u can dance dance dance), and it was so fun because there were SO many people there! Basically our whole university was out on Thursday night because it was the last big thursday night fun we can have here in Alcala before everyone leaves :(. It's so unreal, I can't believe the semester is over. I really just don't like to talk about it. :(
Then Friday I went on a lil jog, studied outside on Primi's patio, and chillaxed a bit. Then Pablo, one of the guys from Madrid that brittany and I met in our hostel in Rome, and 2 of his friends came to Alcala for the evening and we went and got tapas and walked around and just hung out for a while. It was a pretty chill night!
Then Saturday I studied studied studied, went on a lil jog in the lovely fresh air, and watched a spanish movie that I have to do a presentation on for my "Espana en Images: cinema en Espana" class (spanish society through movies). I planned on going out to Gabanna Saturday night, but I wanted to skype with janna clare before she went to prom, so we skyped at my 12:15 and her 5:15, and then I left to go to the bus stop at 12:30. Welllllllllll, I found out after 45 minutes of sitting at the bus stop (with a couple making out next to me the whole time. awesome.) that the bus wouldn't be there until 1:45am. Sweet. So I wouldn't even get to the bar until 2:15. Wonderful. So I party-poop'd and went back home, read, wrote in my journal, and then went to bed. It was nice and relaxing.
Then today I've just been studying and playing with Primi's grandson (Sergiooooo). He loves bugs (like all 3 yr old boys) so we've been out on Primi's big ole porch/garden looking at bugs and talking about caracoles (snails!). I like talking to him, because he says really simple things... I think my spanish speaking level is somewhat near his... I may be at 1st grade level though, he's still in Pre-K. Yeah beat that Sergio! jajajjaa :)
Well, I'm about to go to a partido de futbol (SOCCER GAME!) in Madrid (Wooo go Real Madrid)! So I need to go get ready! So excited!
:( only 18 days left in Spain,

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