Monday, March 15, 2010

Overdue: Bonjour Mon Cheri! (My trip to Paris!)

During the weekend of Thursday March 4 to Sunday March 7 I was oh so fortunate enough to make my way up and over to visit the beautiful city of Paris, France.

Day 1: Thursday (evening) March 4

my first flight in europe... so exciting! I think it's so cool how in Europe you can be in a completely different country with a completely different language and culture in just a few hours! We left Madrid at 4:30 and by 7:30 we were in France! Woooh!


in the taxi to our hostel... it's clear that I've matured a lot since being in Europe..

me and my friend brittany before going to a discoteca!

Arc de Triumphe

Moulin Rouge at night! woooh crazyy!

dancing at a club in paris! just want to point out that we were the only sober sallys in the club, but probably had the most fun... wooh Americans!

the group in the parisian metro!

Day 2: Friday March 5

Moulin Rouge (during the day... not as flashy and cool!)

The opera house!

perfect imitation of the statues on the side of the opera house

those statues are SO happy! hey girl heyyyy!

Beethoven, Mozart..... you know.. just some of the greatest composers in the world have played here....!!

woahhhhh so big! so beautiful!

Opera House! So pretty!

this was an ad for a barbecue restaurant (yes.. barbecue in paris..), and that girl was their stereotypical American girl who eats barbecue... hahahaa, yep that's what us oklerhomers are all 'bout.

Outside of the Louvre Museum! That big pyramid is the entrance, then you go underground to the museum... it was so cool!

The Louvre Museum

"Winged Victory"

Oh hey M.L., nice to see you.


ancient egyptian monument in the courtyard of the Louvre, this was a gift to france from egypt a looonnng time ago

only best pastry store in all of france... no lies! The deserts didn't even look like food... they were too pretty!

we finally made it to the eiffel tower and there were some crazyyy awesome break dancers (as you can see behind me), so we stood there and watched them for probably 20 minutes, they might have even been more interesting than the tower itself haha!

jumping with the tower!

zee eiffel tower and me!

my pastry! we enjoyed them sitting under the eiffel tower.... so french. :)

When the sun went down all of a sudden the eiffel tower lit up and started flashing and sparkling and blinking all the lights, and it was so awesome and exciting!!!! In fact, it was so cool that I yelled "WOAHHHHH!!!!!!" really loud and lots of people stared at me like i was some crazy foreigner... hehe but I am, so oh well! Anyways, this was probably the highlight of my night (no pun intended.. hehehe)

that tower is sure nifty.

Day 3
: Saturday March 6 (MOM'S BIRTHDAY!)

Remember Quasimoto? You know... that hunchbacked man who lived in the belltower of an enormous French cathedral? Well, on Saturday March 6th I was fortunate enough to see him ringing the church bells... I saw that gypsy Ezmeralda too... no lies people.


It was SO big! and SO beautiful!

peace, rubia, and notre dame.

the side of Notre Dame

After a series of intense tests and experiments, we realized that I am, in fact, almost as long as this little baby car. please observe..

clown car. clown car. clown car. clown car. clooooown carrrrrrr.

Inside the subway!

Our delicious French meal:

French red wine, sliced baguette, and escargot (SNAILS!!!)

the group at dinner!

Then after dinner we went to this HUGE discoteca and danced the night away. There was a famous DJ from the Ibiza (spanish island in the Mediterranean) who was mixin' up a storm of music that night, it was AWWWESOMMMME!

look at all the people!!! it was nuts!!

there's the DJ up there goin' crazy with that music! he was mixin' up some magic!

Then the next morning we headed back to Madrid...

good bye France!!!

I'm so fortunate to have been able to go on that lil' trip! It was such a fun weekend!
The End :)

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