Monday, February 22, 2010

The Dawning of Mid-Terms

Vale Vale Vale Vale Vale.
"Vale" (pronounced vah-lay haha) means "okay". People here say it alllllll the time. And quite quickly, too. Vale vale vale vale vale! It's rather fun to say.

Let's play a game called "Katie asks herself questions and then answers them":

So self, you've been in Espana for quite some time eh? Elaborate.
¡Great gillyweed! I've almost been here a month and a half! What does this mean?
Wellllllllllll, this means that it's just about time to see if I'm going to live or die.... a.k.a. pass or fail.

What's that supposed to mean?
Every year, every semester, every country, every university, these dreaded things called "mid terms" happen. I don't know why. Nobody likes them, yet they keep occuring! Strange.

Splendid. So do u think you're ready?
Does Donald Duck wear pants? ............ No. But no worries. I will be!

If you could be any type of book in the world, what type would u be?
A pop up book. Those are badass. And 3-d.

Alright, what's your favorite thing about Espana so far?
Pues, estoy aprendiendo Spanish... so that's tight. Gotta love me some learnin'! I've also noticed that the people here make an effort to not only have free time but also enjoy it, and I really like that. It's awesome to just relax once in a while. My whole life I've always been chasing myself in circles trying to accomplish just one task, but it's impossible because I always have so many things going on at once! I've realized that it's not worth it to be that stressed out. It's okay to not volunteer for everything or be involved in everything or be DOING something ALL the time. I love sitting back and just reading a book, and I can do that here! And that's not being lazy, it's just being nice to yourself! I have no idea how I could ever go back to the crazy, stressed lady I used to be!

Speaking of books, how's Las Cronicales de Narnia: el leon, la bruja y el armario?
Oh stupendous. I'm such a slow spanish reader, but I'm getting better!

What'd you do this past weekend?

Well, Friday I went on a trip to visit the city of Cuenca with la universidad. wooh gratis (free)! It was neat. We went to a museum of modern spanish art, and then we toured the Cathedral there. The museum was pretty darn awesome, and the cathedral was beautiful! I'm a sucker for weird art and those big catholic buildings.

It's 1:22am, porque no estas dormiendo?
I'm writing a paper about "La Espana Islamica" (Islam in Spain), and it's taking me quite some time. So I thought I'd take a study break and update this thaaaang. I hopefully won't be up much longer! Estoy cansada!

What'd you do today?
Went to class, learned about Spanish History/Geography/Cinema, and got rained on. My umbrella broke during a rather large gust of wind. Dadgum 2 euro paragua! Pero, esta bien. No worries. I enjoy the rain! Just think, in a couple weeks the grass is going to be so green, and the flowers are going to start growing, and everything will be so beautiful! I'll just tough it out for a wee bit longer, so what if all my shoes are permanently wet?

Vale, good game.

Hasta luego!


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