Monday, February 1, 2010

Mine is the Sunlight, Mine is the Morning

Lunes, el 1 de Febrero

My favorite time of the day is definitely morning. I’ve known this for a while… why else would I enjoy working those early morning shifts at Starbucks? I get to see the sunrise while I’m driving to work, and I get to help start people’s day with a smile (well, and a $4 cup of a coffee too… haha). But the reasons for why I love mornings have been increasing during my stay here in Spain. When I wake up, I open up my window and let the natural light flood my room. I look out the window and there are lil birds hoppin around on the porch. Everything is just so tranquil! Another reason I like morning is because when it’s my 7:30am, it is 12:30am for all my friends back at home… which is prime time for skyping! In the mornings, I like going on short jogs (still gotta treat that ole knee right!) or read or just chilllll! Also, every morning Primi makes a delicious breakfast, and we sit & drink coffee & eat breakfast together (usually toast & jam and fruit, but sometimes she’ll make tortitas, which are kinda like pancakes!). We always have really good talks over breakfast. Maybe it’s because I’m well rested, the Spanish just flowwwws. It may not be perfect grammar, but I get all my thoughts across without butchering the language tooooo much. I also understand her pretty well, too. (Maybe she talks slower in the mornings… haha)

This morning at breakfast I told Primi that I’m going to visit Michelle in Bordeaux, France during the weekend of Feb 11-14. She said “Oooooh el Dia de Valentín, que divertido!” [Valentine’s Day J] She told me I should try the champagne in France because it is delicious, way better than Spain’s. Then I commented on how cool it is that I can buy alcohol in Europe, and not in the United States. She was like “¿Que?”, cuz she didn’t understand why I couldn’t… I was 20 wasn’t I? I explained to her that at 18 you’re considered an ‘adult’, but you can’t legally buy or consume alcohol until you’re 21. Then we started talking about being ‘borracho’ hahaa a.k.a. drunk! We both would rather drink to enjoy the taste and not to drink so much you don't remember how it tasted in the 1st place. And I mean if after a while ya get a lil light headed from one too many glasses of wine, well that’s one thing haha, but chuggaluggin’ shots at the bar to forget your troubles, and in turn forgetting your morals… well.… i dont wanna do that, legal or not…. haha. I really don’t have a problem with drinking as long as one's judgement is not impaired & you don't things you wouldn't normally do. By the way, I had a glass of wine at lunch today and it was just so lovely. And guess what Oklahoma, I’m only 20... muhahahhaha! haha:)

[What was reallly cool about all of this was that this whole conversation that i had with Primitiva was in Spanish! Not perfect Spanish at all… but Spanish nonetheless. Can I get a WooWoo!?]

I’m still soaking up all the different cultural aspects of Spain, as you can tell. Of course I love me some America, and always will (land that I love… stand beside her and guide her. duh)! But I am also noticing more & more things that I like about Spain!

-I like that they love love love public transportation.
-I like that they conserve energy.
-I like that they can relax and enjoy life, and it’s not considered lazy, it’s custom, & it’s deserved!
-I like that they are very family oriented.
-I like that they speak Spanish (hehehehe).
-I like that they sample wine in grocery stores (just imagine if Sam’s club did that… awesommmme)
-I like that they walk everywhere! (or ride bikes or rollerblade like in Sevilla!)

I am so grateful for this opportunity to live here. I still sometimes can’t believe that I’m in Spain… like… the one and only… Espana… in Europe… it’s crazy.

Kah-tee Mallory (hahaha)

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