Monday, February 1, 2010

Overdue: ¡I love Orange Trees!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Sevilla during the weekend of Jan. 29-31! It's in the southern part of Spain (Andalucia), and it was about 55-60 degrees (farenheit of course!) and beeeeaaauuuutiful! So many palm trees, a beautiful blue sky, and lots of old colorful buildings. I wish we could have stayed longer, maybe I can go back in May after finals... it'll be extremely nice then, probably pretty hot too!

We left Friday morning from Madrid at about 9:00 and arrived around 15:30 in Sevilla!

This is a view from the rooftop of our hostel. The streets were all so colorful, and all the buildings had cute lil windows!

After we settled into our hostel we set off to explore the beautifyl city.

We found where the nuns sell cookies. The cookies go to my belly, and the money goes to charity. They were delicious. I love nuns.

One of the doors on the left was where the sistahs were selling their cookies. The architecture of this little plaza was simply stunning!!

pretty buildings! Check out them palm trees! Wooh!


Me and Brittany in front of the fountain!

cool hotel. cool palm trees. cool orange trees. This was way out of our price range... haha

There were so many palm trees and pretty little parks!

Blue sky!

This was a statue in honor of Christopher Columbus. After his explorations to "India" (AMERICAAA!!! wooh.) he sailed up the river into Sevilla and unloaded all his treasures there. He's so famous (even if he did kill thousands of innocent people on his voyage....)!

I loved this huge tree.
So I hugged this huge tree.

This building had really cool pictures on it

colorful buildings!

So our hostel was pretty awesome. It had a bar (which gave u one free drink upon arrival... mmm wine.), and on Friday night they were cooking dinner, and for only 5Euros you could have a HUUUUGE plate of Paella. However, we learned that this delicious meal did not include bread. WHAT?! You have to have a slice of bread at every meal or it's just not spanish. duh. hahaha So Brittany, Spencer, and I ran a couple blocks over to a lil market and bought 3 bagettes (which totaled up to about 65 cents.. bread is so cheap... panera bread wouldn't know what hit 'em if they came here!).

paella + bread + wine + awesome friends = DELICIOUS!!!

This is mr. cocinador cookin up the Paella:

yum. so colorful!

After dinner we roamed went and took a lil power nap and then went out on the town about 1am only to find that it was not such a hoppin night... apparently something had happened in one of the main party plazas and the cops were there and everything so we didn't even go into a club!

However, there were a lot of these awesome things everywhere:

They were trashcans. But extremely awesome trashcans. Saving the planet from pollution has never been more fun.

There were horse & buggies all over the town, but they were kinda expensive so we just walked! But we did pet a couple horses hahaha

Cute lil puppy barking at the horse!

Then after much anticipation (on my part haha) we finally got to visit La Catedral de Seville, also known as Catedral de Santa María de la Sede. I was poopin my pants to see this place (not literally............ hehehe).

It's the largest Cathedral in Spain, 3rd largest in the world, but largest if you count volume (there are a ton of towers... and it's SO tall!!).

I feel like a tour guide of the cathedral. I was obsessed. haha

gollllllllld altarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

This outside of the cathedral in a little court yard area... it was so pretty with all the orange trees! That's the big ole bell tower!

Christopher Columbus is buried here. No lie.

Which i must say, i think it's rather odd he's buried in a cathedral, a place of worship. I don't quite agree with it. I think he should be buried in a normal place with normal people. He ain't no saint yo. He murdered thousands of innocent people in the name of "god". psh. watev chris.

Okay. I'm done.

in the bell tower!!!
Then we rented bikes and rode around Salamanca for a while!
Plaza de Espana:

Katie Sasser y yo a frente de un fuente en Plaza de Espana

Torro de Oro!
This is where all the "treasures" are hidden that Columbus and his crew brought back from America! Cooooooool.

Pretty river! We rode bikes along this, so fun!

Cathedral by night!

Zee bell towerrrrrr

Looks like Hogwarts.

Yo. an alley. and the cathedral.
The end! :)

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