Wednesday, January 6, 2010

84 hours til take off..

Hello world. So, I leave for my semester in Spain in 3 days.

Here's a look at a few of the questions I've been asking myself:

1. Hey self, are you freakin out yet?
No.. it doesn't seem real yet!

2. Katie whennn are you going to start packing?
Well, I've definitely pretended to start packing.. as in.. i've made lots of lists, put lots of things in lots of piles, made new playlists on my ipod, and thought about how in the world I'm going to fit 4 months worth of "necessities" (I'm redefining the word for myself through this process) in 2 suitcases.

3. Hey self, think you're going to be lost?
yup. probably. thanks for reminding me, myself. I'll probably be lost in the language, culture, and actually just finding my way around the city for a while. I think I need a compass. hmm. yeah.

4. What are you going to miss most?
my comfortable everyday life. but at the same time.. that's what i'm most excited to get away from. Life can be so repetitive. I'm excited to add some flare, meet new people, and be forced to escape from the tiny bubble i call comfort.



  1. Katrina:
    I know the first day was a booger, being 6 hrs delayed in leaving Chi-gargo and being stuck next to a timy old Spanish man, but hopefully this will be but a small hiccup in your overall experience......can't wait to see you in May.

  2. kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatie!!! i murs yourrrr!
    hey i tried to call you back but for some reason it wouldnt ring and what not. sooo you YOU just call me whenevaa? well maybe not right htis instint bc its 2 am in spain sooooooo yeash just maybe here one of these days. that'd be great. okaythanksiloveyoubye!