Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh hey Spain. What's up?

Realization (realización):
I now have an entirely new definition of the word confused (confundida en espanol). It also has been moved up to #1 in the list of adjectives that describe me.

Here are some of the events that have happened since I left good ole Oklahoma:

1. 1 ½ hour layover in the Chicago airport turned into an 8 hour layover due to mechanical problems with the plane that… but on the bright side, at least they fixed the plane before sending us up in the air! Optimism. Check it. So I ended up getting to the Madrid airport 7 hours later than I was supposed to, but everything turned out fine because I’m alive! Hallaaa.

2. There are people in this world that don’t speak a lick of English. Such as the lady I’m living with, and everyone in the Madrid airport that I happened to ask where my luggage was.

3. My host family lady was not there to pick me up once I arrived in Alcala, so I was adopted for the evening (Monday) by a cute lil old Spanish woman named María & the 2 Alabama guys staying with her that were on my autobus from Madrid to Alcala. She had a cat named Cilla. María loved Cilla… she also talked to her a lot. It’s nice to see that people on the other side of the world talk to their animals as if they were humans like I do… we all really do have a lot in common! (except I hate cats.)

4. Spanish candy is weird. And tastes like really dry cocoa powder. I don’t have enough saliva to eat that stuff! But you know I do anyways. Fa sho.

5. Coffee? No. espresso shots. Spaniards are so hard core, they don’t mess around with their caffeine! This morning me, Sarah, and Brittany (some fellow O.U. students) went to this bar/coffee shop (what a great combination… baileys and coffee anyone? Boom. Two in one.) and I had the most delicious café con leche y azucar (espresso shots with milk and sugar). Chicah yeahhhh!

6. I’m living with a lady named Primitiva Rúiz, but she said to just call her “Primi”! She is about 5’1, has short, curly, bright red hair, and is about 60 years old. She’s like a lil firecracker! So energetic! So lively! But she speaks Spanish faster than a jack rabbit on crack. I keep saying “No entiendo, más despacio porfavor” (I don’t understand, slower please), but she stays at the same speed! However, she’s as cute as can be… so I just smile and nod and say “sííííí!”

7. This morning Primi fixed “tortitas” which is Spanish breakfast dish, kind of like a mix between eggs and a pancake…. It was really good! She put jam and whip cream on it… Mom never lets me put whip cream on my breakfast at home! Spain rocks.

8. God created everyone equal. We all share similar emotions, thoughts, feelings. We all laugh, cry, frown, etc. I think it’s so cool that sometimes humans get so filled up with emotion that it literally explodes. For instance, laughing. We can smile, giggle, shrug our shoulders in a little chuckle, but eventually something makes us so incredibly joyful that we can’t hold in the emotion any longer and a great big laugh literally explodes from our body. Same with crying.

9. Primitiva is really funny, she talks & laughs all the time, quite a giggler you see… the problem is that I don’t know what she’s saying half the time so I don’t know why she’s laughing, but boy golly I laugh along anyways! Nonetheless, I enjoy the giggles!

10. It still doesn't feel like I'm in Spain!!! This is crazy.

11. There's a McDonalds in La Plaza near la Universidad that has free wifi, delicious desserts, and they sell beer too. I have only experienced the 1st two, however since I'm "21" here I guess I can take advantage of enjoying a nice cold cerveza when eating my Ensalada off the dollar menu. Hahaha :)

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