Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicas de All Ages & Backgrounds...

Today Primi had one of her friends over for lunch (La Comida.. the big ole meal!). She was also a very bubbly woman, and the whole meal (about an hour & 1/2 when you include the fruit & coffee served at the end) they chitty chatted like any best friends would. I understood most of what they were saying (haha overstatement. more like I understood every other sentence... but i could get the just of the convos), and most of it was about their families, work, ............. and men. That's right. Men. It was just really funny to me that women that not only are 40 years older than me, but also grew up on the total opposite side of the world, talk about the same things me and my friends talk about. Usually the topics are about funny things that have happened to us at school or work, some stuff about our families, but our conversations almost always end up discussing the opposite sex. Either that they suck or they don't... just depends on the day haha!

It was just so funny because Primi saw me laughing at their comical conversation and said, "Cuándo mujeres son juntas, siempre hablarán sobre hombres! Es la verdad??" ("When girls are together, they'll always talk about boys! Am I right?") hahaha! it was hilarious.

Then later today, Primi and I went to Corte Ingles, a realllllly big store with EVERYTHING you could ever want. There are 4 floors! There's food, a department store, furniture, kitchen appliances and furniture, and all sorts of decorating stuff, etc etc etc... im tellin ya this place is huge. i got lost. and couldn't find her for a while. it was scary. hahaha...

but anyways, So we went to the grocery store part of Corte Ingles so I could show her what kind of food I like and dislike. She LOVE pork... and anything you can make from it.... and I don't eat pork... or any other sort of meat for that matter (except pesca... fish.), so she wanted to see what i'd like even though I've told her a million times that I'd really eat anything because I want to taste all different kinds of Spanish food! Oh well.

>interjection: this grocery store was selling bottles of wine for less than 2 Euros. Chickah yeah. Daz crazy.<

So we finished shopping for food, and she said she'd run to the car and put the groceries up while I looked around. We were going to meet up in about 20 minutes. I quickly became enthralled with the millions of sales that were going on (50%, 60%, even 80% off! wooh! bargain shopping. love it.). I wandered into the shoe section, which was really nice.. they had Nine West and other fancy name brand shoes that I've heard of in the U.S., but I left the shoe area pretty quickly when I realized that even when the boots were 60% off they were still $70. haha nope. Then I went upstairs and looked at all the clothes and accessories and other supah dooopah girly shtuff, even bought myself a lil shirt (only 10 Euros. That's what's up people.).

Well an hour went by with no sign of Primi...... which was okay because of course I was extremely distracted with all the new shiney things to be found in this store. When we finally found each other, we both had "accidentally" bought things for ourselves and had big Corte Ingles sacks in our hands. Hahhaaha...

So in conclusion, even though we may be from totally different places, brought up totally differently, and are far from the same age, women all have certain things in common. We long to be loved and wanted, we cherish friendships and put loads of trust in them, we love our families (no matter how far away or close they are, or if they are scattered all over the world and no longer unified, or if they are broken and no longer really a family), and obviously girls like to shop (not necessarily BUY. Window shopping is a type of shopping too ya know. and personally my favorite)... hahaha :)

Other observations from this week:

1. I love walking to class in the mornings. It takes me about 25 minutes, but I enjoy every minute of it. There are always people out walking their dogs (many which have awesome lil doggy sweaters on. Hahaha... Zorro would be so jealous), hustling and bustling along to work, accompanying their children to school, etc.... It's people watching at it's finest. Also everyone speaks spanish.. so i'll catch lil bits and pieces of people's conversations as I'm walking by... haha

2. Spanish art rocks.

3. I should really take advantage of the midafternoon siesta time and take a lil snoozer now and then. I'm always so tired at night (as in 9:00pm), and they don't even eat dinner til 9:30!

4. The Lord is guiding me along each day and protecting me... & I wish everyone knew about that awesome Love.

I'm going to visit Salamanca with my friends tomorrow! wooh! I'll be there til Sunday!

woopity woop woop,
Katie Mallory :)

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  1. Katriner: Can't wait to see trip details and fotorooskies from the venture to Salamanca. (isn't that where Picaso was from??) Hope you soaked in all the awe and splender their Cathedral had to offer....amazing how stuff was built back then. Skype when you get back, or call.