Sunday, January 17, 2010

We went to Madrid yesterday! Plan was to meet at la estación del tren al 10am, pero YO decided to walk to the train station from Primi’s apartment instead of take the bus (25 minute walk vs. 10 minute bus ride). Thought it’d be a nice morning stroll. However, surprise surprise surprise, even though I had el mapa out in front of me while walking, I still somehow managed to get lost… and my 25 minute walk turned into a 40 minute walk. Sorry my amigos nuevos! It’s inevitable… I will always be 10 minutes late. Terd.

Madrid=crazy cool. After we arrived in the train station in Madrid, we got to surface level and began to explore. There were tons of street performers just like in New York City... however everyone spoke Spanish (except for this one creepy man dressed as Spiderman in La Plaza Mayor… he was British... and had a lovely beer belly… and an exceptionally disgusting smokers cough. Please see pictures.). Some of the troop (there were 11 of us) went on a guided tour of the inside of the royal palace (that is now used as just a government building… king & queen live somewhere else these days), but Lauren, Richard, Spencer, and Me decided to save our Euros and just take our own tour of the outside of the palace (BEAUTIFUL! Once again… see pictures). The gardens and fountains and magnificent architecture were absolutely gorgeous. I tried to imagine what it’d be like to be the queen 300 years ago and to stroll around those lovely gardens in a huge poofy dress, my hair all powdered up, and saying fancy old-timey Spanish things with my servants following close behind… I think I was much more comfortable in my skirt, sweater, scarf, and boots as a tourist in 2010 than she ever was. Also, I don’t have to worry about governing a country. Or worry about going to war. I just get to take pictures, let my mind wander, and imagine what it’d be like instead.

After we walked around the palace, and while waiting for the others to finish their guided tour, we decided to lose ourselves in the city. And we literally did that. We just walked around and explored as much as we could. We may or may not have seen a few prostitutes struttin’ their stuff on the street corner. We saw many beautiful history-filled buildings, cathedrals, interesting clothing stores, pastry stores, extravagant restaurants, cute lil cafés, cute lil bars (usually the bar and café are the same thing lol), street vendors, tons of fountains and parques, etc… It was so fun!

When it came time for lunch, the 4 of us decided to sit down by a fountain in a little plaza and eat our sandwiches picnic style. Prior to our picnic we purchased a bottle of locally made red wine, and during our picnic we enjoyed all of it. It was the best bottle of wine I’ve ever purchased. Also the only bottle of wine I’ve ever purchased due to the fact that in USA I’m still underage… haha. Then we met up with the rest of the group, and we all went (for FREE) to the Museum Reína Sofía and the Museum Prada. They were amazing. I got to see paintings up close by Goya, Picasso, Velasquez, and many other famous artists from Spain. La Guernica by Picasso is HUGE and is even sadder in person. Even though the figures in his painting are disfigured and un-proportional (on purpose of course… I mean it’s Picasso.) you could still sense the terror of the painting, reflecting how much pain and suffering the people had to endure during the ‘testing’ of some of Hitler’s bombs. What the eff. That’s so messed up. Que terible.

Anyways… Then after a wonderful loooooonnnng day in Madrid we headed back to Alcala por el tren at about 7:45pm. But don’t worry, the day didn’t end there… because just walking to the bus stop and riding home is way too easy. No, no. I have to get on the wrong bus in Alcala that takes me to the total opposite side of the city than where I live. Then I have to not know where the poop I am. Then I have to search for another bus stop that will take me to the east side so I can get home (pepper spray in hand this whole time, don’t kid yourself.). Then I have to ask for directions from probably the most immature 17ish year old couple who is nastily making out at the bus stop, and then of course they have to look at me like I’m some idiot who doesn’t pronounce Spanish words correctly (ding-ding-ding. Foreigner.) and say “no se” (I don’t know) to everything I ask. They probably just wanted to PDA it up a lil more to make me feel even more awkward… ah! So then of course they have to start kissing again. Ew. Okay... enough ranting… I eventually made it home safe and sound and extremely exhausted about an hour after I should have arrived. Dadgum buses. The End.
I love Spain. But I wish I knew how to get around! ‘Twas a great day nonetheless! I’m just glad I have the opportunity to be here!

My guardian angel is watching me though, that’s for sure!
that's all for now. amor amor amor por todos

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