Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Hey There Cowboy...

My life is so random...

So Sunday morning I experienced my first Spanish Mass with Lauren & Spencer at la iglesia Santa María. We thought it started at noon, but actually it started at 11:30am, so we were pretty late… and very confused… mainly because it was all in Spanish haha, but we’re used to that kind of confusion now. I just have to listen very closely. Communion was very different; not everyone went up to receive the body (there was no blood?) of Christ… only if they had confessed their sins prior to Mass. It was strange. But afterwards we found the priest (el cura) and talked to him (in Spanish… very very slowly. haha) about Mass times, certain traditions of the church, other churches we can attend, daily mass schedules, and other things. We all got a little book to follow along with during Mass (in Spanish of course... always learning!).

After Mass, we walked around Plaza Cervantes, mainly Calle Mayor. There were tons of street vendors! They were selling all sorts of nifty little scarves, rings, necklaces, and much more. Then me and Lauren found our favorite store. It is very hippy-like, just our style.
While Lauren & me liked all the clothes & jewelry, Spencer couldn't keep his eyes off of the Vespa accessories

Plaza Cervantes on Calle Mayor

We wandered around the street a lil more, and then all of a sudden everyone started backing out of the street onto the sidewalks and looking down the street as if they were expecting something to happen… and something did happen! There was a parade of animals! All sorts! Horses, burros, rabbits, dogs… apparently it was el día San Antón, patron saint of animals, and the animals and their owners were in a procession towards the church for a special blessing! We were so lucky that we got to see it all!

Then while I was walking back to Primi’s house for lunch (her daughter’s family was coming over for a big almuerzo), I happened to stumble upon about 8 people (about 8 men & 2 women) riding their horses through an alley near plaza cervantes. One of the hombres asked where I was going (I had a map in my hand… duh.) and asked if I wanted a lift. Of course I said “no no no, está bien senor.” But the whole group insisted that I come along with them, so they hoisted me up onto his horse (very awkwardly of course, I’m no caballera) and took me through the streets of Alcalá by horse to the street near Primi’s house! It was so funny! I couldn’t believe I was actually riding a horse (bareback by the way) through the old cobblestone streets of a beautiful Spanish city. So cool! The guys kept laughing (they may or may not have been a lil bit borracho... aka drunk) & saying "tienes pelo como oro!" which means "you have gold hair!!" hahaha there aren't many blondes here..

they insisted that i wear one of their hats in the picture...

homeboy on the right might have had one too many cervezas!

Anyways, nothing too crazy has happened since then. The internet in Primi's house works (woot woot!) so that's great news! And we've all planned a trip to Salamanca for this weekend which I'm really pumped about!


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