Friday, January 15, 2010

lil bity world + pictures

Narnia... IN SPANISH. I went into a book store the other day for a while and explored and i think i may go back and buy this para leer! :)

Madrid!!! It was raining a lot.. but this picture is still really cool! Look at all the paraguas (umbrellas), even with all of those we were still soaking wet. Oh well, all part of the adventure! :)

My darling new friends, Lauren and Katie, on the train going to Madrid

Candy Store. Spanish candy is weird.. but it's candy nonetheless. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Everything is smaller in spain. i love it.

cars, apartments, houses, stores, people (usually), roads.... everything! Why take up an unnecessarily large amount of space if you can avoid it?

My bedroom=tiny. Why? Because that's all the space I need.

Kitchen=tiny. Why? All you're doing in there is cooking, why take up more room?

Cars=tiny. Why? people here take the bus, train, or walk! There are no oversized escalades here.. it's refreshing! I know when everything is super big and extravagant it may seem like it make things more exciting, but not really. Here, tiny cars make sense. They take up less space parked on the streets, use less gas, and are more environmentally friendly. Way to go Espana!

The people are even smaller! Which means some of the doors are smaller.. which is really funny when some of my really tall American friends try to walk through them.. hehehe! It's all so interesting!

More to come......

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